Aerial Inspection, Surveying & Photography

The Future of Inspection

Raptor carry out aerial inspections, surveying and photography using remote operated aerial vehicles. We can undertake any aspect of aerial photography to the highest standards, safely and remotely.

Aerial Inspection, Surveying & Photography

The Future of Inspection

Raptor carry out aerial inspections, surveying and photography using remote operated aerial vehicles. We can undertake any aspect of aerial photography to the highest standards, safely and remotely.

About Us

Raptor is an unmanned aerial systems (UAS) consultancy and solutions company. The team is comprised of Inspection, Corrosion, Mechanical and electrical engineers. Which go hand in hand with some of the industries most experienced videographers and drone pilots. We are an experienced group of young bright minds whose goal is to bring our clients the safest and most cost effective dynamic solutions across a broad range of industries.

We offer the most thorough Aerial Inspection Service the UK has to offer. Our commitment to safety and ongoing customer service and monitoring is what sets us apart from the rest.

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Our Services

Renewable Energy

The integrity and inspection of these valuable provisions becomes more important every day. UAS are capable of close visual inspection of alternative facilities such as wind turbines, hydro-electric dams and solar farms. Precise inspections can be obtained safely and much more quickly than conventional methods. Unmanned technology allows us to inspect these facilities without any interruption to operations. The founders of Raptor have decades of experience in this area and continue to specialise within the renewables industry.

Oil and Gas

The founders of Raptor are highly experienced operators in this field. We feel at home in this environment and we understand the importance that these assets must be maintained and secured. Safety is an essential part of the Oil Gas industry and nobody knows this better than us. Unmanned aerial vehicles are immune to the most hazardous environments such as tanks and flare stacks. Our pilots can operate safely during day or night equipped with an array of visual and sensory technology. Oil and Gas operators can trust Raptor to carry out inspections safe in the knowledge we have decades of experience in this industry. The use of our technology to support the oil and gas operators can dramatically reduce costs due to no shut down of plant.


This is an extremely important British and European industry. Through 3D mapping and infrared technology Raptor can help clients react more quickly to threats and estimate crop yields. This will in turn give the client the ability to manage crops more efficiently.


At Raptor we understand the challenges facing foresters and forest management consultants. To maintain the heath of the forest and subsequently our planet is of the upmost importance. Our experienced team can vastly improve forest management and operational planning. We can monitor illegal activities and encroachment such as logging. Our pilots can provide valuable research footage into the health of the forest enabling target responses. Raptor can provide a rapid response to environmental impact events and assess storm damage.

Historic and archaeological sites

We provide a very useful low-level aerial platform for recording historic buildings, monuments, archaeological sites and landscapes. We can carry a wide variety of sensors, cameras, multi/hyperspectral imaging units. Raptor provide dramatic illustrative photos and videos of sites but also provide metrically accurate records for survey and conservation work.

Construction sites

The use of our technology can optimize the management and safety of all personnel on a construction scope. Instead of heavy machinery and expensive surveying tools our UAS can execute the job in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost and with greater accuracy. We can produce extremely high-quality footage of building progress, this technique can help clients show case there work and also monitor the progress of the job from anywhere in the world. Our NEBOSH qualified safety department are your eyes and ears in the sky, we can help our clients build an excellent safety audit system which can be proven via high quality video imagery.

Power lines and cables

The upkeep and inspection of power lines and cables are paramount. Raptor can safely provide Ultra HD 4K images without human presence close to overhead high voltage power lines or poles. Our system provides rapid analysis and reduces the time of defect detection and repair to a minimum. Using the highest quality thermal imaging cameras, we can detect, among others, corrosion and breakage of electrical wires. Our electrical engineers can mobilise quickly to assist pilots in evaluating any work scope.

Critical infrastructure

With the use of the best technology available to us, we can survey and inspect all types of critical infrastructure. From railway lines to bridges to roads. Raptor use high quality thermal imagery to inspect and monitor heat loss in buildings potentially saving the client money and improving the environmental foot print.

Media and Marketing

Raptor are specialists in aerial photography and videography. Using the best Unmanned aerial vehicles which can take 4K, 1080P resolution movies and up to 16MB stills and RAW, so you can guarantee high quality images. We can cover Concerts, Festivals, Sporting Events, Parties, Weddings, and Promotional Videos to cater for all industries. Please feel free to contact us for quotes

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Our Technology

Matrice 600 Drone

Raptor UAS utilise the best technology available. Each individual work scope will require specialized equipment and we have everything covered. From an oil rig in a harsh environment to a yacht in the tropics. Our experienced technicians will plan and execute the work safely and efficiently using the world's best technology.

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